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Goods and Service Tax Solutions

GSTIN Registration, GSTR Filing, E-Way Bills

Do Your Business at ease & let us take care of the compliance with confidence. 

Do you need a GST Registration? How to assess your Business and decide on that?  Many of us are not even sure about the Compliance after GST Registration.

We at SARA GST will not only help you understand the requirement as per your Business, but also assess your case & guide you accordingly.

We follow several customized and ready pattern to help in your Business decision making in terms of GST management.

Expert Advisory

How many compliance or small things will you take care of ?

Introduction of the new G S T regime is like a rebirth of the Indian Economy, every aspect of the Industry is new & fresh, so are all of Us. Let's not make mistakes. 

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Desktop Applications
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Income Tax

Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Returns & TDS

File Your Income Tax Returns​

Which is the main source of Income for You? Is it your Salary or Business, Income from Professional Services or Capital Gains?  You may also have House Property(s).

The  multifaceted Income Tax Returns becomes easier with our Team of Experts.  From assessing personal Income to filing Company's IT Returns, we deliver the best in the industry.

Creating & customizing the BEST Income portfolio, we also help you plan your finances, save on Tax with our specialized Financial Services.

Expert Advisory

Simply log your details & leave it on us. We will File it for you.

Though recommended, not always you may want to do it yourself because of several compliance issues.  Our Team of Experts will do the BEST for You.



Investment Management Services

Invest in Tax Saving Funds

As part of your journey towards your Financial goals, SARA GST brings you the best Investment opportunities through Mutual Fund Investments.

While we are also associated with various Investment  platforms, our core expertise is into Portfolio Management Services.

With this your gateways to the World of Investment becomes accessible easily.

Start saving today to build a better tomorrow!

Portfolio Management Services

So, what are you waiting for?

Give us a visit or get in touch to start planning your Financial goals, be it Long-term Investments, planning education  or marriage for your kids, investment in gold or bullion.  Let's hit the bull's eye....


MSME - Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Technology & Automation

​How do we create a Presence-less, Paperless & Cashless Business Nation?

While our Experience and Expertise comes across Top Corporate to the Micro-level  Business Management, our Vision is to facilitate the MSME - Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise  with the latest happenings in the Business World.

Our Core Focus is to help build India a better Business destination for the MSMEs with the introduction & usage of maximum possible Technology & Automation.

Expert Thoughts

What it takes to be a  New Age MSME

It's really Interesting & doable. Not that we are alone in the fight, the whole World is striving to achieve this feat everyday, why are the MSME or to be specific, few segments of the MSMEs are still not there.


professional Tax Solutions

Enrollment of Professional


Tax made Easy

Professional tax imposed on income earned by employees on rendering their services. Every self employed professional or any entity employing one or more employees.


Starts @ ₹ 199

Goods & Service Tax Solutions

Manage Goods & Service


Tax Compliance

Introduction of the new GST is like a rebirth of the Indian Economy, every aspect of the Industry is new & fresh, so are all of Us. Let's not do mistakes.


Starts @ ₹ 399

 Income tax filing     & TDS Claims

File Your Income Tax 


Returns & TDS

Though recommended, not always you may want to do it yourself because of several compliance issues.  Our Team of Experts will do the BEST.

Starts @ ₹ 999

micro, small & medium enterprise services

Customized Service


for MSME

Serving the organized & large sector may be established. Medium & Small sectors have a lot to implement. Know more with us about your Business.


Starts @ ₹ 1999


At Sara GST, we offer Cloud Data Management along with our core Financial Services like, Accounting, Taxation, Investments.

Create low cost reporting tools through simple plug & play applications collected through renowned cloud platforms.


Starts @ ₹ 4999

How About Getting Access to Your Business from Anywhere Anytime?

Cloud storage is a model of computer data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools. The physical storage spans multiple servers (sometimes in multiple locations), and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company. As our core value is to focus on SME and MSME sector, we have the expertise to manage business through Cloud Data management.  We not only create the platform but also manage your data with customized reports.  Some of the features are..

Often we end up buying a software without having proper knowledge of the accessibility of the same.  We at Sara GST recommend SMEs to first Customize their software through Cloud platforms, put them under automation to the maximum possible extent, get as many APIs integrated as possible.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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