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How About Getting Access to Your Business from Anywhere Anytime?

Cloud storage is a model of computer data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools. The physical storage spans multiple servers (sometimes in multiple locations), and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company.

As our core value is to focus on SME and MSME sector, we have the expertise to manage business through Cloud Data management. We not only create the platform but also manage your data with customized reports.

Often we end up buying a software without having proper knowledge of the accessibility of the same. We at SARA GST recommend SMEs to first Customize their software through Cloud platforms, put them under automation to the maximum possible extent, get as many APIs integrated as possible.

While doing this, any Business group or the leaders of the Business & even their employees will be able to understand the Business process very well at the initial stages before getting into larger operations.

We recommend small businesses to first create your SOPs before jumping into the process operations. At the core of our experience through large corporate as well as Start-ups, we have learned where SMEs do the mistakes. Be it a new Technology Start-up or a manufacturing business, it's been often observed that they struggle to form a smooth operation due to lack of synchronization of their employees within the organisation.

At Sara GST, though our core service is related to Financial Services like, Accounting, Taxation, Investments, we do deliver some specialized services through Cloud Data Management.

Create Low Cost Business Reporting Tools

                         Through Simple Plug n Play Applications

                                                                     Built on Renowned Cloud Platforms

Benefits of Cloud Storage

1. Cloud Storage Can Save Costs

Usually, every Cloud service provider offer a large storage at a very affordable cost to their clients. When compared with hard disk based physical set-up, cloud storage is the king. It save the cost of the hard disk as well as infrastructure that houses it, be it premises, electricity or employee management cost. It runs on it's own leaving ample time for Business leaders to look after other operations well.

2. No additional expenses

Reputed sellers that sell cloud-based storage devices offer technical support to the buyers round the clock and users can pose questions to them and get their doubts resolved instantly. Hence, no problem of additional costs toward employing technical support executives.

3. Enhanced safety and security features

Most cloud storage devices, which are sold by reputed companies, come with enhanced data security features. All that you need is an Internet connection for taking online backup comfortably as and when required.

4. A boon for start-up firms or existing organizations

Global business conglomerates and also small business entities will benefit a lot when they start using cloud storage devices. It comes with mobile compatibility features wherein you can send the data to remote servers through your mobile devices and manage the cloud operations comfortably on the go.


5. Instant data recovery after a computer crash or cyber attacks


You can expect malware and cyber-attacks during or after business operations, and when such unforeseen incident which is beyond the control of the IT executives’ takes place, the business owner or top executives can retrieve the lost data from the remote servers and continue their business operation as usual immediately.

6. The uninterrupted continuation of business without challenges

Organizations, which are dependent on computers, will come to a complete standstill when their vital data is lost to third parties. When they resort to a cloud storage device, they can gain access and retrieve the backup file from remote servers without wastage of time and energy.

Cloud Data Service

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