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Income Tax Filing - Salaried Individual

  • Income from salary includes wages, pension, annuity, gratuity, fees, commission, profits, leave encashment, annual accretion.

  • Transferred balance in recognized Provident Fund (PF) and contribution to employees pension account.

Duration: 5 Days

₹ 999/-

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Income from Capital Gains - Individual

  • Any profit or gain that arises from the sale of a 'capital asset' is a capital gain.

  • This gain or profit comes under the category 'income', and hence you will need to pay tax for that amount in the year in which the transfer of the capital asset takes place.

Duration: 7 to 10 Days

₹ 2499/-

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Business Tax Filing - Presumptive

  • As per the provisions under Section 44AD, computed presumptive income (6% or 8% of gross receipts or turnover of the eligible business for the previous year) is considered as the net income for the business covered under the presumptive taxation scheme.

Duration: 7 to 10 Days

₹ 2499/-

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Business Tax Return Filing

  • A business tax return is basically an income tax return. The return is a statement of income and expenditure of the business. 

  • Also, any tax to be paid on the profits made by you is declared in this return. 

  • The return also contains details of the assets and liabilities held by the business.

Duration: 15 Days

₹ 5999/-

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